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The Vacation Plan


Vacation 52 Weeks Per Year!

How did you spend your last weekend? Did you mow the grass or do ten loads of laundry? Think of what it would be like to own a weekend cabin away from the stress of your weekday world. This site will show you how to aquire such a property at a price that most people can afford.

Imagine having a place you could go without packing, unpacking, setting up, or tearing down. A place that had everything you needed for the weekend and was exclusively yours. Well my family has such a place and our resort community features a swimming pool, club house, tennis courts, hiking trails, and a full beach with boating and sailing.

Creating a weekend retreat requires land, plans and estimates, and construction advice. Our package includes:

A full set of Plans, including 1st Floor,2nd Floor Loft and Four Elevations.

A full Bill of Materials, listing all of the lumber and material needed to build the cabin along with prices from the national chain lumber and home stores.

The Lot Locator List, to help you find land. This is a list of dozens of lake communities in the mid-west with lots starting as low as $3000.

Step by Step Construction instructions. These instructions will show you how to get started and what needs to be done each weekend till the cabin is finished.

To Order send No Money Now! We will bill you $14.95 plus $5.00 S&H. 30 day guarantee. If not compleatly satisfied simply return package and owe nothing.

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