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Welcome to McBurney Designs.

McBurney Design Associates is located in Bloomington, Illinois. We have been in business for more than ten years providing all types of computer aided design services to large industry, machine shops, local builders and contractors.

If you are an inventor, mechanical engineer or just have a design idea contact us about how we can help you with customized plans, assembly drawings, and 3D solid designs.

If you are into Battle Bots and customized robotics check out our free robot plans and link on to the Proto Thinker project at Illinois State University.

If you are a contractor or builder contact us about how we can help you with customized plans and optimized designs.

If you can drive a nail let us show you how to plan your excape and enjoy your weekends.

We hope to motivate and inspire you to create a place to excape from the problems of the world.

Our Vacation Package contains all the information you need to create you own weekend retreat for less than $10,000.

So come in look around and get started building that weekend cabin that can turn an ordinary weekend into a vacation.

How to Buy Land

Financing Your Lot

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